Project Business Analytics 2


Course Objective

After completion of this course, the student can
1. use Excel and Crystal Ball to perform Monte Carlo simulations
2. build a simulation model for a practical problem in risk management
based on given data
3. analyze and assess risks, and give a recommendation on the basis of
this simulation model
4. present his/her approach and results both in a written report and in
an oral presentation

Course Content

You will work in teams to solve a simplified business case about risk
management using a simulation model in Excel and Crystal Ball. You
will use knowledge obtained in other Business Analytics courses in the
first year, in particular the courses Probability Theory and Risk
Management to build and analyse your model. You will write a report
and give an oral presentation on your results and conclusions.

Teaching Methods

The course starts with a 2-hour introductory lecture. During the first
week of the course you will work on computer assignments in the field
of applied probability theory and risk management. During the second
and third week, you will continue with a team project. For both the
computer assignments and the team project, 3 hours of computer
lab work is scheduled each weekday. The final presentation in the last
week of the course will be scheduled on an individual basis.

Method of Assessment

Part A: five computer assignments (5% of the grade each, so 25% of
the grade together), submitted individually.
Part B: written report and simulation model (in Excel and Crystal Ball),
submitted with your team (50% of the grade).
Part C: individual oral presentation (25% of the grade).
You must complete all parts of the course to receive a final grade.

In case of an insufficient grade, an arrangement to improve your grade
can be made on a case-by-case basis.

Target Audience


General Information

Course Code X_400572
Credits 3 EC
Period P6
Course Level 100
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. W. Kager
Examiner dr. W. Kager
Teaching Staff dr. W. Kager

Practical Information

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Teaching Methods Seminar, Lecture, Computer lab
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