Organizational Culture and Change


Course Objective

- Knowledge of processes of sensemaking and cultural change within
different types of organizational settings.
- Understanding of different approaches to and complexities of the
concept of culture
- Understanding of cultural processes in different international

Course Content

Culture as a sensemaking device can be studied in different contexts, on
different levels and from various perspectives. The issue what culture
is, how culture is created, and whether cultures can be deliberately
changed are subject of
fundamental debates in organization culture studies. Do (organization)
cultures have a shared, unchangeable and distinctive core? Or is
cultural change part of the ever-changing day-to-day life of
(organizational) members? The relations between culture, power,
identity, and agency are key to understanding the complexity and
dynamics of the
processes of (organizational) (culture) change and collaboration. In
this course students develop knowledge of and insight these culture
processes in a broad variety of international and organizational
contexts (profit, non-profit, government).

Teaching Methods


Method of Assessment

Written examination


* Alvesson, M. (2013) Understanding organizational culture, Los Angeles,
London: Sage, 2nd Edition
* Luyendijk, J. (2015) Swimming with sharks. My journey into the world
of the bankers, London: Guardian Books
* Additional paper by Karen Ho, to be announced later

Target Audience

Second year Bachelor’s students in Bestuur & Organisatie, Exchange

General Information

Course Code S_OCC
Credits 6 EC
Period P2
Course Level 300
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Social Sciences
Course Coordinator dr. H. Wels
Examiner dr. H. Wels
Teaching Staff dr. H. Wels

Practical Information

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