Advanced Programming


Course Objective

To learn advanced programming skills, to get to know and understand
advanced programming concepts like inheritance and to get experience
with programming some of the data structures that were taught in the
course Data Structures & Algorithms.

Course Content

abstract data types (ADT's), exceptions, inheritance, interfaces,
modifiers, polymorfisme, marker interfaces, wrapper classes,
super, this, instanceof, copy constructor, from class Object: clone(),
equals() and toString(), auto (un)boxing, generic classes, command line
arguments, iterators, interface Iterable, for-each statement, methods
with a variable number of parameters, implementation of: list and binary
search tree, EBNF, parsing when EBNF of input is given, from API:

Teaching Methods

lectures and practicals

Method of Assessment


Entry Requirements

practical of Programming (X_400554) or practical of Computer Programming
(XB_40011) or practical of Inleiding Programmeren (X_401096) or Project
Appication Development (X_400556)


Absolute Java, Walter Savitch, Pearson International Edition, Fifth
International Edition, ISBN: 978-0-273-76479-3.

Target Audience


Additional Information

Via VUnet and Canvas
When the grades for problem 1 and 2 of the practical are G1 and G2, than
the final grade F will be calculated with the formula F = (G1 + 2*G2) /
3. If the bonus problem has been made and te grade for the bonusproblem
is B than the final grade will be calculated with the formula F = (G1 +
2*G2) / 3 + B/10.

There is no resit opportunity for the practical assignments and bonus

General Information

Course Code X_400561
Credits 6 EC
Period P1
Course Level 200
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator ir. M.P.H. Huntjens
Examiner ir. M.P.H. Huntjens
Teaching Staff ir. M.P.H. Huntjens

Practical Information

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