Introduction to Programming (Java)


Course Objective

This course teaches how to use computers to solve problems with
algorithms and structured programming.

Course Content

primitive types, declaration, expression, assignment statement,
iterations, methods, I/O using PrintStream and Scanner, array, class,
object, standard classes String and Math, design of programs, matrix,
using several self made objects in a program, recursion and using a
graphical interface through a pre-programmed package.

Teaching Methods

Classes and practical

Method of Assessment

Grade for practical work + grade for examination. Both have to be

If practical and examination are passed with grades P en E, the final
grade F is calculated with the formula F=max(E, (2E+P)/3).

There is no resit opportunity for the practical work.

Entry Requirements



Absolute Java, Walter Savitch, Pearson International Edition, Fifth
International Edition, ISBN: 978-0-273-76479-3

Target Audience


General Information

Course Code X_400634
Credits 6 EC
Period P1+2
Course Level 100
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator ir. M.P.H. Huntjens
Examiner ir. M.P.H. Huntjens
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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Teaching Methods Lecture, Practical*

*You cannot select a group yourself for this teaching method, you will be placed in a group.