Course Objective

To introduce students into various spectroscopic and microscopic
Students should know the theoretical principles and the applicability in
life sciences of:
- absorption spectroscopy
- fluorescence spectroscopy
- light microscopy
- fluorescence microscopy
Students should be able to:
- plan and conduct experiments using optical techniques
- evaluate results on the basis of theoretical knowledge and recent
- present their results in short reports and one journal-style paper

Course Content

Optical spectroscopy and microscopy are widely used in cell biology and
biophysics. In this course the principles of many of these techniques,
including absorption spectroscopy, various types of fluorescence
spectroscopy (e. g. polarization, FRET) and fluorescence microscopy (e.
g. confocal, TIRF, lifetime imaging) are explained. Their application in
modern biophysics and cell biology research is illustrated by a number
of (guest) lecturers.
In addition, students will obtain hands- on experience with absorption
spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy (e. g. FRET and anisotropy) and
fluorescence microscopy. Small groups of students will prepare the
experiments, discuss them with the lecturer and carry them out. The
group will write a short report on each experiment and one journal-style

Teaching Methods

Lectures (28 hours), group assignment (8 hours), self-study, execution
of experiments (±24 hours) in small groups.

Method of Assessment

Written exam (individual, 50%), oral presentation by group (10 %),
written report (per group, 40%). All parts need to be graded 5.5 or
higher in order to pass the course.


Papers, hand-outs, reader and protocols will be made available online.

Target Audience

MSc students Biology, Biomolecular Sciences, Biomedical Sciences,
Medical Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences, Chemistry, or related.

Additional Information

Due to largely overlapping contents this course is NOT intended for
students who have followed the FEW Minor “Biomedische beeldvorming”.

General Information

Course Code AM_1213
Credits 6 EC
Period P3
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. ir. Y.J.M. Bollen
Examiner dr. ir. Y.J.M. Bollen
Teaching Staff dr. ir. Y.J.M. Bollen

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