Interdisciplinary Project "Business in Society" II (Developing Skills for Empirical Research)


Course Objective

Upon having successfully passed this course, students
• Have acquired further knowledge of the process of conducting
empirical research
• Have further developed their ability to conceive of an empirical
research project
• Have started developing their ability to carry out an empirical
research project
• Have further developed their ability to justify the use of specific
empirical methods in writing
• Have started developing the ability to improve their work on the
basis of feedback
• Have improved further their skills at communicating about research
methods with their peers and academics
• Have further developed their skills at communicating about the
process of doing research
• Have further developed the ability to reflect on their own learning

Course Content

This course involves 4 weeks of work on an empirical research project.
During this period, teams of 2-3 students collect and/or analyze
or quantitative data/information around a central research question and
report their findings in the form of an empirical paper. This project
will give
the opportunity to students to apply what they have learned in the
courses of the research master and in particular in the research methods
courses. Students could start preparing for this empirical research
in drafting a proposal in the course Research Methods in Business
Administration. All activities as part of the course aim at improving
students’ research skills including, among others, how to
data effectively, and how to report and discuss empirical findings.
discussions around research skills will be based on sharing experience
with the students and accompanied by detailed feedback on students’
team project so that students can learn by putting the knowledge into

Teaching Methods

Weekly: appointments with the teacher for individual feedback per team.

Method of Assessment

The final grade consists of:
• A written group report of the empirical research carried out and
its results in the form of an empirical paper (70%);
• An individual reflection paper in which students reflect on the
of doing empirical research, on their learning, and on working with a
co-author (30%).

Conditions to pass the course:
Attendance is mandatory. Student who miss more than one class will
not pass the course.


Course material is available on the Canvas site of the course.

Target Audience

Due to the entry requirements of the programme, the courses of the
Research Master Business in Society are only available for students
registered for this master’s programme and, upon approval of the
programme director, to other Research Master programmes, MSc Honours
or PhD students.

General Information

Course Code E_BIS_IPBS2
Credits 6 EC
Period P6
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. M. Soekijad
Examiner dr. M. Soekijad
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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