Research Methods in Business Administration


Course Objective

Upon successful completion of the course, students will
• Have acquired academic knowledge of research approaches and strategies
• Have learned to match the design of a study with a research question
• Have a deeper knowledge of qualitative and quantitative data analysis
• Be able to critically evaluate the quality of the research design of a
• Be able to evaluate the quality of data sources
• Have started developing their skills at communicating about research
methods orally and in writing

Course Content

This course serves as a continuation on the course on philosophy of
science. It will involve both the theory behind the research and the
practice of conducting research. This includes the familiarisation on
how to formulate a research question, to design a study, to collect
data, and to analyse data.

The goals of this course are as follows:
• To formulate research questions and to match these with appropriate
strategies for a study;
• To acquaint the students with different strategies for designing
in business and management, such as the survey, the case study, the
quasi-experiment and the experiment;
• To assess methodological strengths and weaknesses of these strategies;
• To prepare the students for advanced research methodology courses
by discussing concepts used in quantitative and qualitative research;
• To design a study by means of writing a research proposal.

Teaching Methods

Weekly two two-hour interactive lectures will be given in which the
need to prepare and present relevant materials.

Method of Assessment

The assessment consists of:
• individual presentations in class (30%);
• an individual, written proposal (70%).

Conditions to pass the course:
• attendance is mandatory. To pass the course, students cannot miss
more than one class;
• the written proposal (as partial grade) and the final grade should be
5.5 or higher.

• students can only retake the written proposal;
• results obtained for the other assignments will remain valid for the


Course material is available on the Blackboard/Canvas site of the

Target Audience

Due to the entry requirements of the programme, the courses of the
Research Master Business in Society are only available for students
registered for this master’s programme and, upon approval of the
programme director, to other Research Master programmes, MSc Honours
or PhD students.

General Information

Course Code E_BIS_RMBA
Credits 6 EC
Period P4
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. F.M. Bridoux
Examiner dr. F.M. Bridoux
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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