Cognitive Neuropsychology (research)


The Research Master Cognitive neuropsychology is embedded in the Graduate School of the Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences. The curriculum consists of obligatory courses and elective courses. It is a two year program of total 120 ECTS, 60 ECTS a year. 

The main goal of the Research Master Cognitive Neuropsychology is to educate students to become competent, knowledgeable, skillful, and critical researchers, who are able to apply their knowledge and rigorous methods of investigation in cognitive neuropsychological research environments, evidence-based clinical practice, and related areas. The curriculum consists of multiple courses in cognitive psychology, clinical neuropsychology, neuroscience, and general academic skills concerning methodology, programming, writing, and modern brain imaging techniques. 


Level Master
Language English
Duration 2 years
Type Fulltime
Credits 120 EC
Faculty Fac. of Behavioural and Movement Science
First year research master cognitive neuropsychology
First year Research Master Cognitive Neuropsychology consists of
compulsory and elective courses.
Research Master Cognitive Neuropsychology, year 1, Practical Electives
Choose one of two Practial Electives.
Elective package 1 consists of Practical Skilss for Researchers.
Elective package 2 contains a clinical internship. Only students that
fulfill the requirements for the clinical internship can choose package
Course Name Period Credits Code
Clinical Internship RM Cognitive Neuropsychology Ac. Year (sept) 24EC P_MKSRMCNP
Practical Skills for Researchers P4+5+6 24EC P_MPRACSK
Second year research master cognitive neuropsychology
Second year Research Master Cognitive Neuropsychology consists of
compulsory and elective courses.
Other information
Research master Cognitive neuropsychology - Transition rules
For courses that will not be lectured anymore as of this year the
student is granted two opportunities to succeed the course, but only if
the student participated in the exams last year.
For courses that are lectured only once every two years and will not be
lectured in the current year, the student is granted one opportunity to
succeed the course, under the same condition.

Below the courses to which a transition rule applies.
Course Name Period Credits Code
Neural Models of Cognitive Processes 6EC P_MNEUMOD
Perception 6EC P_MPERCEP
Subscription terms
1. For the following of classes and/or for taking an exam, the student
has to register via the Student portal. When a student has registered
himself for the classes of a course, the student is automatically also
registered for the first upcoming exam of the course. When a student is
not registered for the courses of a course (e.g. in case of a resit),
the student registers for the exam only. The student needs to verify
that the registration was successful. The student should timely de-
register himself when he decides not to follow a course, or take an

2. The student needs to register ultimately four weeks before t he start
of the period the course is scheduled for. Registration for an exam is
possible till two weeks before the date of the exam. Late registration
will result in administration costs.

3. De-registering for a course is possible via the Student portal till
four weeks before the start of the period a course is scheduled for.
De-registering for an exam is possible via het Student portal till two
weeks before the date of the exam. In case of circumstances beyond
one’s control it is possible to de-register after the official de-
registration deadlines at the programme secretariat for a course or

4. Registration for courses and exams after the deadline is still
possible if you pay 25 euro administration fee; calculated per course.
The administration fee is maximized at 50 euro’s a time. In the case
the student thinks to have a justified reason for a late registration,
the student can ask the Faculty board for release of these costs. The
decision of the Faculty board is binding in this case.

5. When a student does not appear at the exam, without de-registering,
the result will be booked as ‘no show’.