Course Objective

To familiarize students with the theories and methods of the scientific
study of perception mostly visual perception.

Course Content

Advanced topics of perception, including:
- Representation
- Feature extraction
- Perceptual construction
- Object, face, and scene recognition
- Visual memory
- Dynamics of perception
- Neuropsychology of perception
- Neurochemistry of perception
- Multisensory perception
- Conscious vs. subconscious perception

Teaching Methods

Lectures and literature study. Lectures will consist of one part
relevant background, one part discussion of specific (classic and
recent) research articles.

Method of Assessment

1 written examinations on classic and recent research articles with a
mixture of multiple choice and open end questions.


• List of research papers (provided during the course)
• Background reading for those unfamiliar with the basics of perception:
Goldstein, E.B. Sensation and Perception. 8th Edition or higher. London:

Target Audience

The course is a more in depth version of the Sensation and Perception
course given as a 3rd year Bachelor course. If you have followed this
course already there is quit some overlap so I do not recommend to
follow this Perception course.

Additional Information

This course is taught every two years. It is taught in 2017-18, but
will not be taught in 2018-19

Recommended background knowledge

Introductory knowledge of perception is assumed (things like basic
physiology of the eye, ear and of neurons, rods vs. cones, center-
surround, Gestalt principles, what versus where processing). The above-
mentioned book by Goldstein is a good reference for reading beforehand
or for looking up things.

General Information

Course Code P_MPERCEP
Credits 6 EC
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Fac. of Behavioural and Movement Science
Course Coordinator A.M. van Loon
Examiner A.M. van Loon
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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