Practical: Paleoclimate Change and Environmental Impacts


Course Objective

- To provide hands-on experience with the most relevant methods used in
paleoclimate/paleoenvironmental research.
- To assess new data in the context of previous (published) studies.
- To introduce the basics of scientific reporting.

Course Content

The practical comprises a series of lectures, lab classes, discussion
meetings, concluded by a series of meetings during which the obtained
results will be written up in a research report. During the practical a
marine and/or a terrestrial sediment core/section will be investigated.
The research includes core description, defining sampling strategy,
basic sample processing, determination of micropaleontological,
palynological, geochemical and geophysical sediment properties, and data
analysis. The emphasis will be on both long-term climate change
(glacial-interglacial time scale) and on millennial-scale climate change
records (e.g., Heinrich events, deglaciation). Participation in
lectures, laboratory work, oral presentations and discussion meetings
are compulsory.

Teaching Methods

- An introductory lecture will highlight the outline of the practical
- Lectures on palynology, marine micropaleontology, sedimentology and
applied methods.
- Students will be motivated to present and discuss the obtained results
during a series of discussion meetings.
- Laboratory work, data analysis, preparation of presentations.
- Self-tuition.

Method of Assessment

- Laboratory work (25 %)
- Oral presentations and participation in discussion meetings (25 %)
- Written report (50 %)


A course manual and list of selected literature (book chapters,
articles) will be made available via Canvas.

Target Audience

Master students Earth Sciences

Recommended background knowledge

A recommended requirement is that students have participated in the
following master courses (period 1 and 2):
- Modern Climate and Geoecosystems (AM_1143)
- Sedimentary Environments and Climate Archives (AM_450330)
- From Source to Sink (AM_450146)
- High Resolution Archives (AM_450331)
- Climate Systems (AM_1124)
- Landscape Dynamics (AM_450331)
- Marine Geology and Paleoclimatology (AM_450330)
- Tectonic Geomorphology (AM_450146)

General Information

Course Code AM_1144
Credits 6 EC
Period P4
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. M.A. Prins
Examiner dr. M.A. Prins
Teaching Staff dr. G.M. Ganssen
dr. M.A. Prins
dr. N.N.L. Van der Putten

Practical Information

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