Precambrian Geology


Course Objective

The Precambrian (Archean and Proterozic) comprises the immensely long
time periods between the initial formation of the planet Earth and the
earliest Paleozoic radiation of life forms with endo- or extra-
skeletons. This course intends to summarize the Precambrian Geology in a
general and interdisciplinary manner covering the evolution of the
lithosphere, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere and the biosphere.

Course Content

The course covers four main fields of Precambrian Geology: A) Earliest
Precambrian planetary evolution; B) Evolution of the Precambrian
lithosphere (genesis, petrology, tectonics and geochemistry); C)
Evolution of the Precambrian atmosphere (e. g., evidence for free oxygen
in the atmosphere); D) Surface processes (early sediments, earliest life

Teaching Methods

Lectures (8 * 3 u 45 min), assignments /self-study (8 * 2 hrs).

Method of Assessment

Essay – presentation – poster

Entry Requirements

BSc Geology


H.R. Rollinson, Early Earth Systems A Geochemical Approach, Wiley
Blackwell, 1st edition 296 pp. Selection literature for individual essay
and presentation projects to be announced on Canvas.

Target Audience

2nd year MSc Earth Sciences.

Additional Information

Guest teachers include
prof. Dr. R. Hengeveld (emeritus professor Animal Ecology, VU
dr. P.Mason (Utrecht University).Petrology, sedimentology, structural
geology the BSc level.
dr. A. Kloppenburg, 4D-Geo, The Hague
dr. L. Kriegsman, Naturalis, Leiden

Recommended background knowledge

Petrology, sedimentology, structural geology the BSc level.

General Information

Course Code AM_450164
Credits 3 EC
Period P4
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator prof. dr. J.R. Wijbrans
Examiner prof. dr. J.R. Wijbrans
Teaching Staff prof. dr. J.R. Wijbrans
dr. P.Z. Vroon

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