Magmatic Processes


Course Objective

The main aim of the course is to provide an overview of the geochemical
structure and evolution of the Earth’s interior. After this course you
are able to (1) understand the interaction between physical and chemical
processes in the Earth’s interior,(2) select geochemical tools to solve
problems regarding melting and chemical evolution of the Earth’s
interior, (3) understand why and how trace elements are fractionated
between mantle minerals and melt,(4) describe how different mantle
components evolved isotopically over time. An emphasis will be placed on
improving data handling using Excel, scientific writing, oral
presentation, and critical assessment.

Course Content

Distribution of major and trace elements between solid and liquid
phases; geochemical modeling of magmatic differentiation processes.
Radiogenic and stable isotopes as tracers of magmatic processes:
geochemical and temporal evolution of crust and mantle. The physics of
magmatic processes: source, transport, emplacement/eruption.
Characteristics of the principal geodynamic environments and their
effects on magmatic processes.

Teaching Methods

Lectures with associated class and home work exercises; preparation of
a student paper and its oral presentation, including critical
interaction between staff and students. The course counts for 6 ECTS =
160 SBU which are divided between the different components of this
course in the following way (1) 12 * 3 hour lectures = 108 SBU,
Presentation and essay = 28 SBU, Homework exercises = 24 SBU, Total 160

Method of Assessment

The mark you obtain for this course consists of the following
components:Homework exercises (20%), Paper and its presentation (40%),
Written exam (40%)

Entry Requirements

The Mantle Properties in Lithosphere Development course (code AM_450156)
is mandatory for the Magmatic Processes course.


Selected specialist literature papers include Blundy J, Wood B (1994)
Nature 372, 452-454.

Blundy J, Wood B (2003) Earth and Planetary Science Letters 210, 383-
397. A full list of literature required for the preparation of essays
and presentation will be provided at the start of the course.

Target Audience

First year MSc students in Earth Sciences

Recommended background knowledge

The BSc Earth Science course "Inleiding in de Anorganische Geochemie"
(AB_450336) is not required, but contains a broad overview of many of
the basic isotopic systems which will be discussed in the Magmatic
Processes course. If you are not familiar with the contents of the BSc
course "Inleiding in de Anorganische geochemie", then you should read
the handouts provided on Canvas.

General Information

Course Code AM_450189
Credits 6 EC
Period P4
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator prof. dr. G.R. Davies
Examiner dr. P.Z. Vroon
Teaching Staff dr. P.Z. Vroon
prof. dr. G.R. Davies
prof. dr. W. van Westrenen
dr. J.M. Koornneef

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