Scotland Excursion


Course Objective

To highlight the history of the Earth’s crust during the early
Paleozoicum. To study the Scottish climate history over the last 15 ka
and its impact on the geomorphology, raised bog ecosystems and
sedimentary environments.

Course Content

During this excursion (~10 days) the most relevant aspects of the
Scottish geology and geomorphology, Late Quaternary climate history and
the evolution of life during the early Paleozoicum be highlighted. The
geomorphology at various locations in and around the Scottish highlands
will be used to demonstrate the impact of former glaciations on the
landscape. A variety of terrestrial and marine sections form the base to
illustrate the most important aspects of the Late Quaternary
paleoclimatic (marine and terrestrial) evolution in Scotland (NW
Europe). Traces of early life forms and the evolution thereof will be
discussed in the context of a changing environment through geological

Teaching Methods

Excursion: observing and describing geomorphological land forms,
sedimentary profiles; drawing conclusion with respect to climate change,
fluvial and glacial activity, and human impact.

Method of Assessment

Oral presentations in the field (and/or hotel) of relevant scientific
papers and visited excursion sites.

Entry Requirements

First year of the MSc 'Earth Surface Processes,Climate and Archives' or
'Earth and Climate' must be completed and a total of 18 ects must have
been registered.

Target Audience

Master students 'Earth Surface Processes,Climate and Archives' and
'Earth and Climate'.

Additional Information

This course takes place every other year. Next excursion will be
organised in June 2020.
NB: During the first semester of the academic year 2018/2019 a decision
will be made about whether the Scotland Excursion will indeed be
organised in June 2020, or (very likely) be replaced by another (field)
course. In case additional (up-to-date) information is required, please
contact Gerald Ganssen (teaching director Earth Sciences master
programme), e-mail:

Custom Course Registration

You should have subscribed for this course before (early) December, 2019.

General Information

Course Code AM_450354
Credits 3 EC
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. M.A. Prins
Examiner dr. M.A. Prins
Teaching Staff dr. M.A. Prins
dr. N.N.L. Van der Putten

Practical Information

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