Behavioral Strategy


Course Objective

Advanced academic skills:
An important goal in strategic management is how to change business
models. In order to understand what business models will be robust in
future, scenario's must be written in which the current business model
is windtunneld.
KPI's and behaviors that contribute to this new business model must be
defined and

Knowledge and Complex Problem Solving
This cours is aimed at strategy realization. How can we change
results and behaviors? The robust science of behavior analysis (started
by Ivan Pavlov) is learned and applied by the student in a real life
case. Preferably in
an organizatonal context or else at the invidual level about gaining

Course Content

The content builts on the science and application of behavior analysis,
started a
century ago by Ivan Pavlov. By discussing laboratory and field
experiments, the laws
of conditioning are revealed. The founding ABC analysis and following
steps of
behavioral change are explained: Pinpointing behaviors and results,
Feedback, goalsetting and reinforcement as performance management tool.
This highly successful behavior modification approach is now available
for companies.
The design of a field experiment is applied to a real life case,
preferably in an
organizational context, in small groups. Baseline measures are combined
with understanding the
current undesirable behavior (CUB), current desired behavior (CDB) and
desired behavior (FDB). Advantages of positive reinforcement (R+) are
compared with
negative reinforcement (R-), Punishment (P+) and Penalty (P-). Other
include schedules of reinforcement, contingencies of reinforcement,
and satiation.
During the tutorials students are assisted by the teacher in designing
and implemeting
their highly applicablefield study. These will be presented at the end
of the course.
Knowledge and application skills learned during this course is highly
recommended to
future strategists, leaders, entrepreneurs and management consultants.

Teaching Methods

- lectures;
- tutorials
- presentations
- web-based fluency training (voluntary);
- web-based Performance Improvement Plan for changing a specified

Method of Assessment

- Examination about book, (guest-) lectures
- Performance Improvement Plan for field experiment
- Computer based fluency training - bonus point

Entry Requirements

This course builts on the bachelor course Strategic Management from a
Practice Perspective, one day in the life of a CEO.
In that course 3 practical approaches for a CEO were discussed and
applied to real life cases. Scenarioplanning, value
acquisition and performance management by behavioral change were


Daniels, A.C. & J. S. Bailey (2014, 5th ed.). Performance management.
Atlanta: Aubrey Daniels International - mandatory (available as e-book).

Target Audience

Specializations Strategy & Organization, Leadership & Change Management,
Management Consulting, Entrepreneurship

Additional Information

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Recommended background knowledge

Strategic Management from a Practice Perspective. One day in the life of
a CEO.
Performance Management and Control.

General Information

Course Code E_BA_BS
Credits 6 EC
Period P5
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. M.M. Rietdijk
Examiner dr. M.M. Rietdijk
Teaching Staff dr. M.M. Rietdijk

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Teaching Methods Seminar, Lecture
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