Capita Selecta Entrepreneurship


Course Objective

This elective enables student to perform a research internship (either
as an integral part of their thesis, or as a standalone project).

Course Content

This course enables students to perform a research internship. This can
be an internship relevant for answering (part of) the research question
of their thesis, but does not necessarily have to be; it can also be a
standalone research internship. In both cases this should concerns an
internship of at least one month (full-time). Students who want to
integrate an internship in their thesis process should announce this
early on (to the Master's thesis co-ordinator) ánd should start
arranging the internship early (i.e. already in January or February).

Teaching Methods

Stand-alone research / thesis work, with the aid of a supervisor (which
can but does not necessarily have to be the thesis supervisor).

Method of Assessment

Research paper.


To be decided by the Capita Selecta supervisor.

Additional Information

This course is organised by the VU. For more information, please go to

General Information

Course Code E_BA_CSENT
Credits 6 EC
Period P5
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator prof. dr. E. Masurel
Examiner prof. dr. E. Masurel
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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