Curatorial Practices in the Contemporary World I


Course Objective

1) Acquiring (and applying) knowledge and insight into contemporary
curatorial practices in the Dutch and international world of museums and
cultural institutions.
2) Developing judgement and values about actual curatorial practices by
analysing and comparing case studies from the Dutch and international
world of museums and cultural institutions.
3) Developing strong communication skills by means of discussions, oral
presentations and in-depth interviews with professionals in the field
(curators, educators, directors, restorers, artists).
4) Exchanging individual experiences obtained during the internship with
fellow students and professionals, and thereby placing these in a
broader scope.

Course Content

This course will focus on the broad field of contemporary curatorial
practice, dealing with issues of (among others) collecting and
exhibition policy, collection research, artistic production, restoration
ethics, display issues, and education. The aim is to provide students
with the means to reflect on their own learning experience during their
internship through visits to various types of institutions in the
Netherlands and abroad, and through close reading and debate around key
texts. Discussion is central to the course, among the cohort and with
the professionals whom we will meet on a regular basis. Literature will
be selected and studied before the visits. The course includes an
excursion abroad.

Teaching Methods

Seminar, excursion.
Meetings will take place about every two weeks on a Friday; the
bi-weekly excursions usually last the entire day (including travel

Method of Assessment

1) Preparation fieldwork (40%).
2) Excursion (fieldwork, oral presentation, paper) (40%).
3) Curatorial practice report (20%).
All exams must be sufficiently completed.

Entry Requirements

Collecting, Curating and Display I and II (L_KAMAMUS021 en L_KAMAMUS022;
12 ECTS) as well as all electives (18 ECTS) must be completed by the
start of the course.


To be announced.

Target Audience

Mandatory for students admitted to the MA Curating Art and Cultures. The
course can not be followed as an elective.

Additional Information

The MA Curating Art and Cultures is a joint programme of the VU and the
UvA. This course will be coordinated by the UvA during the first part of
the internship (January-June). It prepares students for the
research-based course Curatorial Practices in the Contemporary World II,
which will be coordinated by the VU during the second part of the
internship (September-December). Attendance is compulsory. Cases of
absence must be motivated in advance, need the approval of the teacher,
and will be substituted by a supplementary assignment.

General Information

Course Code L_KAMAMUS023
Credits 6 EC
Period P4+5+6
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Course Coordinator dr. I.R. Vermeulen
Examiner dr. I.R. Vermeulen
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

You cannot register for this course yourself; your faculty's education office carries out registration

Last-minute registration is available for this course.

Teaching Methods Seminar, Excursion
Target audiences

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