Master Thesis Curating Art and Cultures

This course is offered in Dutch. Some of the descriptions may therefore only be available in Dutch.

Course Objective

1) Systematically and expediently collect and interpret information on a
self-chosen subject in the field museum or curatorial studies, or in the
field in which the student has specialized (art history, cultural
studies, design cultures, history or archaeology), or a combination of
both. He/she is able to read, understand and analyze academic and other
complex texts and is capable of making an original contribution to the
2) Apply knowledge, understanding and problem-solving skills on new or
unfamiliar contexts within the chosen specialization.
3) Discern general themes and make connections which are meaningfully
supported by a wide variety of primary and secondary literature and
primary sources where relevant.
4) Present a complex problem clearly and concisely in written and spoken
form on academic level.
5) Write a scientific thesis in clear, effective and academic language
and to deliver it within an agreed period.

Course Content

As final part of the program, the student will write an MA thesis on a
self-chosen subject, on agreement by the assigned supervisor (and the
second reader). While the supervision of the thesis process is mainly
individual, the student will be asked to present her or his research
plans and progress during joint colloquia. Further specifications on the
requirements and process of writing the thesis are established in a
specific master thesis guideline, available via the VU intranet.

Teaching Methods

Individual study and supervision, colloquia.

Method of Assessment

1) Colloquia (pass/fail)
2) Written thesis (100%)

Entry Requirements

All courses of the first year of the Ma Curating Art and Cultures have
te be completed.


Identification of relevant literature forms part of the individual
process of thesis writing.

Target Audience

Students of the Ma Curating Art and Cultures

Additional Information

See the faculty master thesis guidelines available via VU Intranet.

General Information

Credits 18 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition Dutch
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Course Coordinator dr. I.R. Vermeulen
Examiner dr. I.R. Vermeulen
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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