Internship MSc Finance


Course Objective

An internship is an excellent way to apply the knowledge and (academic)
skills which students acquire during their studies. For this reason it
is highly recommended. The most important learning goal of internships
is to familiarize with professional and market-related skills in a real
and new organizational environment. With the job market becoming
increasingly competitive, gaining relevant experience will give students
a good start into their professional career. The Master Internship 0 EC
course is available for all master programmes. Students can do an
internship parallel to their study or after completion of all courses.
Since the internship will appear on the student’s grade list, this
requires some sort of assessment.

Method of Assessment

Prof. dr. Vorst ( is the coordinator of the 0 EC
internships. He will appoint an SBE-supervisor for your internship.
Students who want their internship to appear on their grade list need to
fulfill the following requirements: 1. Internship proposal by the
student 2. An internship report after completion of the internship We
will elaborate on these requirements below. 1. Internship proposal by
the student (max. 3 A4) Main purpose of the internship proposal is a
description of what the student intends to learn during the internship.
The proposal includes the following elements: - Describe the
organization and the department where the internship is located (for
instance, sector, age of the organization, number of employees, etc.); -
a description of your internships tasks and responsibilities; - personal
learning objectives: what do you intend to learn from this internship?;
- describe why the internship is relevant for your study programme. The
internship proposal should be submitted to prof. dr. Vorst by email
( 2. Internship report (max. 5 A4) Main purpose of
the internship report is a description of what the student has learned
during the internship. The proposal includes the following elements: -
description of the internship (i.e. goal, activities, results); - a
personal reflection on the internship (i.e., the supervision by the
organization providing the internship, the working atmosphere,
comparison of expectations and realizations, etc.); - reflection on your
personal learning objectives. Your SBE supervisor checks whether the
student has met the requirements and subsequently sends a confirmation
to the study administration.

Additional Information

Doing an internship is suitable for EU-students. When you are a non-EU
student please contact the SBE Career Office. The course manual can be
found on the general Canvas page for your programme.

Custom Course Registration

The internship proposal should be submitted to prof. dr. Vorst by email ( He will appoint an SBE supervisor for your internship. To be sure that you will get credits for the internship, your SBE supervisor has to approve your internship proposal. The internship proposal has to be discussed at least four weeks before the start of your internship. Make an appointment for this with your SBE supervisor. At least 48 hours before that appointment, you need to e- mail the internship proposal to the SBE supervisor. Please note that students don't have to register for this course through VUnet. The SBE Office of Career Services can help you prepare for your internship, for instance when it comes to writing a good resume and application letter, or discussing what kind of internship is right for you. For more information, see

General Information

Course Code E_FIN_INTFIN
Credits 0 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. T. Artiga Gonzalez
Examiner dr. T. Artiga Gonzalez
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

You cannot register for this course yourself; your faculty's education office carries out registration

Target audiences

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