Writing Research Grant Proposal


Course Objective

The student acquires knowledge and insight into:
- Designing a competitive transdisciplinary research proposal for a
personal grant
- Important financing mechanisms and the ways in which a research
proposal is appraised

The students learn
- To integrate former knowledge of theoretical frameworks and
transdisciplinary research methods into a coherent and competitive
research proposal
- To deal adequately with requirements imposed by research funders for a
research proposal
- To give feedback on peer students by means of a peer review

The student is able
-to write a competitive grant proposal
-to present a competitive pitch

Course Content

The course prepares students of the research master to plan beyond their
graduation, by given the opportunity to expand their second internship
proposal (or previous thesis/review)towards a competitive grant
Lectures aim to strengthen knowledge about various components of an
academic, transdisciplinary, 4-year (PhD-)research proposal. Elementary
aspects of the research topic are addressed, such as problem definition,
research approach, theoretical framework, research goal, research
questions, methods, milestones, scientific and societal relevance and
target group. Also, data collection, processing and analysis, validity
criteria and last but not least ethical considerations are covered.
The student becomes acquainted with the context of research financing,
and the financing requirements of similar research. Due to the
in words of the formats of funding agencies,one of the main challenges
is to write your proposal within
these constraints. This implies that you have to identify the essential
aspects of the proposal which are both scientific informative and will
convince critical review boards to select you proposal for funding, i.e.
to find formulations that address methodological excellence, urgency
and originality. During the course you will receive individual feedback
by the research staff and your peers on the drafts versions. Although
the final grant research proposal justifies a 4 year PhD project, at the
same time it will put your research in perspective for the Master’s

Teaching Methods

Lectures 10 hours,
draft proposal feedback 4 hours
presentation feedback 4 hours
self study + writing grant proposal 62 hours

Method of Assessment

Individual grant research proposal (80%) and oral competitive pitch

Entry Requirements

This course build on the previous internship experiences and the future
plans for the second internship and literature thesis study


It is advisory (but not obligatory) to use the book: "Developing
effective research proposals"by Keith F
Punch. SAGE, 2005 (2nd Ed.) (161 pp).

Target Audience

Obligatory and exclusive course for second-year students following the
Research master Global Health.

Additional Information

The ethical justification in your grant proposal will be taken up in the
next course Ethics in Global Health. The assessment period starts
consequently after the Ethics in Global Health course.

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General Information

Course Code AM_1048
Credits 3 EC
Period P2
Course Level 600
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. E.V. Syurina MSc
Examiner dr. E.V. Syurina MSc
Teaching Staff K. De Sabbata

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