Entrepreneurship in Human Movement Sciences


Course Objective

Students obtain knowledge about and insight in the relevance of
entrepreneurship and innovation for their own discipline. Students
learn about the processes which are involved in the recognition and
exploitation of opportunities, about creating economic and social value
and about the nature and role of networks. In addition students gain
knowledge of different entrepreneurial processes and the importance of
valorization of findings and business ideas for a knowledge- based

Course Content

This course consists of two tracks: a theoretical track and a practical
track. These two tracks run simultaneously.

In the first track you learn about entrepreneurship. Answers are found
on questions such as: what is entrepreneurship? What defines an
entrepreneur? What are entrepreneurial opportunities? What is the role
of innovation in entrepreneurship? What is corporate social
responsibility (CSR)? How can we judge the feasibility of
entrepreneurial ambitions?

Simultaneously you work on an assignment (second track). In the first
week of this course you search for an innovation in your own discipline
(product, service, process etc. ). Your choice must be approved by the
lecturers. The first part of the assignment consists of a description
of the innovation which you have chosen. Subsequently, you make a SWOT
analysis and a network analysis of the innovation. Also a paragraph of
CSR should be added. The final part of the assignment is your own
feasibility study: how would you valorize the innovation to the market.

Teaching Methods

Lectures and workshops. Each week scientific lectures or practical
workshops are given. These lectures are both the basis for the exam and
for the assignment.

Method of Assessment

Your grade is based on a written exam and a team assignment. Both the
exam and the
assignment will determine 50% of the grade. The exam and the assignment
must be of sufficient quality.


Two books and a series of articles. The course manual contains a list of
online available articles.

Additional Information

Optional course for Master students 'Human Movement Sciences' 'Sport,
Exercise & Health', 'Fundamental and Clinical Movement Sciences'.


General Information

Credits 6 EC
Period P5
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Fac. of Behavioural and Movement Science
Course Coordinator prof. dr. E. Masurel
Examiner prof. dr. E. Masurel
Teaching Staff prof. dr. E. Masurel

Practical Information

You need to register for this course yourself

Teaching Methods Seminar, Lecture