Practical Internship


Course Objective

The course is intended to introduce students to a company, institute or
organization with the aim of gaining insight into the way Human Movement
Sciences can be applied in a job setting.

Course Content

Practical internships can take place at companies, institutes or
organizations. Therefore, there can be considerable differences
regarding the content of the internship. In general, students will
receive a written assignment containing a description of what is
expected of the student within the framework of the internship. The
student is expected to become familiar with the activities within the
company, institute or organization, as well as to gain insight into the
role of their assigned department within the organization. This includes
evaluating which aspects of human movement sciences are applied within
in the department and which aspects could be applied in the future.

Teaching Methods

Students will perform the internship on an individual basis or together
with another student. The internship must be supervised by a staff
member of the department of human movement sciences and by a supervisor
within the organization in which the internship is performed. The
faculty staff member is responsible for approving the written
assignment. The student is expected to write a report on the internship
in which the following points need to be addressed:

• A description of the activities performed as part of the
• A description of the practical situation of the company or
where the internship is taken.
• The possibilities for applying aspects of human movement
within the company or institute, and the departments within these
• Which job opportunities does the company or institution has to
to human movements scientists?
• A global explanation of how the time is spent during the

The report needs to be written in English. Some examples can be found on
the Canvas page of the practical internship.

Method of Assessment

The assessment for performance during the practical internship and the
assessment of the internship report must both be marked with a pass. The
final score for the internship is the average of the mark for
performance during the internship and the mark of the internship report.
The faculty staff member is responsible for determining the mark for the
internship and the overall final score.

General Information

Credits 6 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 0
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Fac. of Behavioural and Movement Science
Course Coordinator drs. B.L. van Keeken
Examiner drs. B.L. van Keeken
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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