Proteomics in Biomedical Research


Course Objective

Function and structure of cells depend on the composition of proteins.
During pathological conditions, the expression of proteins is altered
leading to impaired function/structure of cells. Apart from changes in
expression level, post-translational protein changes occur as a result
of altered signaling pathways. The large-scale analysis of proteins and
their quantitative changes in health and disease, a research field
called proteomics, may provide candidate biomarkers and targets for
therapeutic interventions.

This proteomics course consists of one week of theory (lectures and
literature study) and one week of practice in the lab. Together this
will provide a solid basis for the understanding of what proteomics is
about, how its central technique, mass spectrometry, can be used for
global protein identification and quantification, and what
biomedical/clinical questions can be answered using an appropriate
experimental design. In the second week, students will get hands-on
experience with a real proteomics experiment and the generated data will
be used to illustrate what bioinformatics analyses can be done to enable
biological insight of large scale data.

Course Content

Protein identification by tandem mass spectrometry and database
Gel electrophoresis and mass spectroscopy techniques to quantify
isoform expression and the nature and extent of post translational
Data mining: placing large scale protein expression data in a
biological context (network analysis).

Method of Assessment

Written exam


Syllabus including relevant articles

Additional Information

Minimum number of participants: 5, maximum: 12
For optimal participation, basic knowledge of molecular and cellular
biology is needed.

Prof. dr. Connie R. Jimenez
Head OncoProteomics Laboratory
Department of Medical Oncology, VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam

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General Information

Course Code M_CPROTBI09
Credits 3 EC
Period P3+4+5
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty VUmc School of Medical Sciences
Course Coordinator dr. C.R. Jimenez
Examiner dr. C.R. Jimenez
Teaching Staff

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Teaching Methods Lecture, Study Group
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