Study of Literature


Course Objective

The student is expected to learn to extract the main message out of a
large number of publications and acquire an overview of the current
knowledge of a certain research topic. A student is expected to learn to
understand a research question, read relevant literature and make a
timely survey of the literature including a critical evaluation of the
publications. In addition, the student has to discuss his/her findings
in an oral presentation.

All information, regulations and forms are described on the website

Teaching Methods

Survey outline, Report and presentation

Method of Assessment

• For the literature study a student always has to ask for approval of
the examination board of the Master's Programme in Oncology via the
form, which can be found on This form should be filled
in together with the supervisor and assessor, and contains detailed
information on the literature study. The submission of the form to the
examination board is the responsibility of the master student.

• After 2 weeks, a survey outline must be handed in.

• After finishing the literature study: for each part a partial mark
will be given.
The final mark is calculated, using the norm 10-70-20% for respectively
survey outline, final report and oral presentation. The final
judgement will be executed in the presence of the supervisor, assessor
and the student.

General Information

Course Code M_OLITSTU03
Credits 9 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty VUmc School of Medical Sciences
Course Coordinator dr. ir. V.L.J.L. Thijssen
Examiner dr. ir. V.L.J.L. Thijssen
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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