Memory and Memory Disorders


Course Objective

The course aims to give students an overview of memory at the cognitive
and neurophysiological level, and to give students the background to
interpret memory disorders in patients with brain damage.

Course Content

The course focuses on various approaches in the study of human memory
and memory disorders. We will discuss different memry systems,
retrieval, forgetting, eyewitness testimony, memory in childhood and
aging and the brain substrate of memory. We will also discuss memory
loss after local brain damage.

Teaching Methods

Lectures and workshops with memory tests and oral presentations.

Method of Assessment

Exam, presentation and research proposal.


"Memory" by Baddeley, Eysenck and Anderson (2015), 2nd edition. ISBN

Additional papers on canvas

Additional Information

This course is taught every two years. Not in 2017-18, but it will be
taught in 2018-19.

General Information

Course Code P_MMEMORY
Credits 6 EC
Period P2
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Fac. of Behavioural and Movement Science
Course Coordinator dr. R.J. Godijn
Examiner dr. R.J. Godijn
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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