Exploring Baptist & Evangelical Theology 2


Course Objective

1. The student is able to sketch the mainframe and arguments of James
McClendon’s criticism of faith and culture.
2. The student connects McClendon’s theology with contemporary theology
and theologians, e.g. Martin Luther King, Karl Barth, Stanley Hauerwas,
Miroslav Volf.
3. The student fully engages with McClendon’s theology and develops
his/her own approach in critically weighing its merits and advantages.
4. The student shows understanding and insight in translating
McClendon’s theology to (Baptist) Church life today.

Course Content

In class discussions students reflect on the relevance and purport of
James McClendon’s theology for being church in the 21st century. Several
loci in his Doctrine are being explored as well as his comprehensive
critique of culture. From there lines are drawn to the changing climate
regarding faith in Europe and North America. Which voices nowadays join
McClendon and which do not, or contradict him? How is Karl Barth (and
other post-liberal theologians) taken into account and how can leading
voices, such as Stanley Hauerwas, Miroslav Volf, Bram van de Beek and
Pope Francis, being heard?

Teaching Methods

Presence in classes is required. The student prepares for classes by
reading the designated chapters and paragraphs from McClendon’s
Systematic Theology. In classes the subject matter will be discussed and

Justification of hours:
6 ects (= 168 hours): around 128 hours remain for reading ( McClendon,
ST, Vol. 2 and 3 = 468+402 pages = 870 [= 6 or 7 pages/hour]).

Method of Assessment

Exam (60%) and empirical research (40%). The exam is on theological
content, the empirical research done is submitted as a paper, and
concerns ‘Looking at churches: an empirical-theological scan’ (2000

Entry Requirements

Exploring Baptist and Evangelical Theology 1.


James Wm. McClendon. Systematic Theology, Vol. 2: Doctrine. Waco: Baylor
University Press, 2012. xxxviii, 536 pp.
James Wm. McClendon. Systematic Theology, Vol. 3: Witness. Waco: Baylor
University Press, 2012. xxxviii, 468 pp.

Target Audience

This module is part of the McClendon track within Exploring a
Discipline. It can be chosen as an elective by all other Master's
students, if Exploring Baptist and Evangelical Theology 1 has been

General Information

Course Code G_BAEBET2
Credits 6 EC
Period P2
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Religion and Theology
Course Coordinator prof. dr. H.A. Bakker
Examiner prof. dr. H.A. Bakker
Teaching Staff

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