International Business Law


Climate Change and Sustainability

VU Amsterdam is the first university in Europe to offer a specific International Business Law degree that combines an outstanding, all-round Master’s in Business Law with a specific focus on one of the most complex legal challenges of our day: sustainability. It took some time for the corporate world to acknowledge the existential threat to mankind that climate change poses. But now, sustainability goes hand-in-hand with business success – and business survival. VU Amsterdam will help you become a lawyer in high demand, in both the public and private sector.

Finance and Behavior

This legal Master’s program has deep-rooted multidisciplinary perspectives. Law is the vantage point of our thinking. Classical fields such as Contract Law, Tort Law, the Corporate Form, Insolvency Law and Regulatory Law will be taught in depth. In order for you to operate in an international context, we will focus on the principles; details of national laws will not be dealt with.

Transactions and Trade

The International Business Law (IBL) Master's degree programme focuses on rules and practices that are relevant for international business transactions and relations. You will study the main legal areas and the interaction between the actors involved in business transactions. In addition, you will develop skills to anticipate, analyze and address legal problems that may arise in practice. You will write several papers and prepare oral presentations during the academic year. The IBL Master's programme includes a mandatory Research Seminar and a mandatory Master's thesis which you must defend in June (see below).


Level Master
Language English
Duration 1 years
Type Fulltime
Credits 60 EC
Faculty Faculty of Law
Master International Business Law, Specialization Climate Change and Sustainability
Master International Business Law, Specialization Transactions and Trade
Master International Business Law, Specialization Regulatory
Master International Business Law, Specialization Transactions