Chemistry (joint degree)


The curriculum in this Master’s programme mainly takes place at the University of Amsterdam. For in-depth information about the structure and the courses, please visit


Level Master
Language English
Duration 2 years
Type Fulltime and parttime
Credits 120 EC
Faculty Faculty of Science
Joint degree
Chemistry JD Optional Courses taught at VU
Course Name Period Credits Code
Bio-Analysis and Clinical Diagnostics P1 6EC X_432765
BioSolar Cells P1 6EC X_428531
Green Chemistry P1 6EC X_430557
Physical Organic Chemistry P1 6EC X_435663
Principles of Pharmaceutical Sciences / Pharmacochemistry P1 6EC X_435675
Bio-Organic Chemistry P2 6EC X_435669
High-Throughput Screening P2 6EC X_435047
Management of Sustainable Innovation P2 6EC E_BA_MANSI
Advanced Molecular Orbital Theory P3 6EC XMU_0028
Current Sustainable Energy Technologies P3 6EC X_422582
Relativistic Quantum Chemistry P4 6EC XMU_0029
Concepts in Chemical Biology P5 6EC XM_0080
Molecular Computational Chemistry P5 6EC X_435666
Protein Analysis P5 6EC X_435045
Second Quantization Techniques in Quantum Chemistry P5 6EC XMU_0030
Synthetic Strategies P5 6EC XMU_0016
Advanced Computational Chemistry P6 6EC XMU_0014
Advanced Spectroscopy P6 6EC X_432767
Project Sustainable Future P6 6EC X_432784