Classics & Ancient Civilizations (research)


The ancient world of the Mediterranean, West Asia, and western Europe is currently studied either by archaeologists, or by ancient historians, or by researchers specialized in the Greek or Latin or Near Eastern languages. However, we believe that – in addition to solid, in-depth research – thematic research integrating all these fields of study generates important new insights and opens up entirely new paths in research. We combine the best of two worlds, both by offering these two different approaches and by cooperating closely with our colleagues of the University of Amsterdam (the best of two universities!).

Your programme

Classics and Ancient Civilizations is a two-year, full time research master’s programme (120 EC) dealing with archaeology, culture and languages of the Ancient World of the Mediterranean, West Asia and western Europe. The main focus is on the period of the Late Bronze Age until the end of the Roman empire in the West, c. 1600 BC – AD 500. The programme is a rich blend of disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches: it contains courses spanning all three fields of research, field-specific seminars, a component consisting of electives and tutorials, and a thesis.

Within the programme there is ample room for your own interests and the specialization(s) you wish to pursue. You’ll be involved in the activities of the researchers from the very beginning. Since all MA-programmes concerning the ancient world are now jointly provided by both Amsterdam Universities (VU University and University of Amsterdam), these rich programmes offer many opportunities for the students.


Level Master
Language Dutch / English
Duration 2 years
Type Fulltime
Credits 120 EC
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Research Master Classics and Ancient Civilizations
The subject Text and Matter (12 ec) in 2018-19 yearly alternate, for
both 1st and 2nd year students with the subjects Interdisciplinary
Theme-Ethnicity (6 ec) and one Specialization module or tutorial (6 ec)
in 2019-2020.
All students have to follow courses for at least 10 ec at one of the
Research Schools.
Course Name Period Credits Code
Core Course Text and Matter 12EC L_AAMPOHS009
Research Master Thesis Classics & Ancient Civilizations Ac. Year (sept) 30EC L_OAMPOHSSCR
Tutorial Classics and Ancient Civilizations 1 (RM) Ac. Year (sept) 6EC L_AAMPOHS004
Tutorial Classics and Ancient Civilizations 2 (RM) Ac. Year (sept) 9EC L_AAMPOHS005
Core Course Interdisciplinary Theme-Ethnicity P1 6EC L_AAMPOHS010
Core Course Editing and Commenting Technique 1 P2 6EC L_XAMPOHS002
Humanities Research Career Preparation P2+3 6EC L_AAMPALG006
Core Course Editing and Commenting Technique 2 P3 6EC L_XAMPOHS003
Essentials of Humanities Research P4 6EC L_AAMPALG013
Research Master Classics & Ancient Civilizations Specialization Modules
Voor de specialisatievakken kan een keuze gemaakt worden uit de vakken
die worden aangeboden in de eenjarige masters van de afdeling Oudheid
van de VU en andere randstedelijke universiteiten (UL, UvA). Daarnaast
kunnen studenten onderdelen volgen bij andere afdelingen en/of
faculteiten, onder voorbehoud van goedkeuring door de examencommissie.
Research Master Classics & Ancient Civilizations Programme Ancient Studies
Course Name Period Credits Code
From Christ to Constantine: Judaism and Christianity in their Graeco- Roman Contexts P1 6EC G_AAMAOHS001
Interdisciplinary Seminar: Rulers Ideology and Representation P1 6EC L_OAMAOHS008
Master Seminar Akkadian 1A P1 6EC L_SAMAOHS001
From Constantine to Muhammad: Religion and Society in Late Antiquity P2 6EC L_GOMAALG004
Great Debates P2 6EC L_AAMAOHS038
Master Seminar Akkadian 1B P2 6EC L_OAMAOHS005
Term Paper Ancient History and Ancient Studies P3 6EC L_OAMAOHS003
City Life in the Roman Empire P4 6EC L_AAMAOHS001
Confrontation between Greek and Near Eastern Civilizations P4 6EC L_GOMAALG003
Latin Epigraphy on location P4 5EC L_BEMAOHD002
Greek Elite Culture in the Roman Empire P5 6EC L_GOMAALG002
MA Course History of Philosophy: Beauty and Truth (and the Good). The Aesthetics of Rational Being. P5 6EC WM_ACASA01