Practical II: Initiating and Performing Academic-Clinical Research


Course Objective

This course provides information and skills needed to develop and write
your own research proposal for an academic-clinical study. It addresses
the process from idea development, the generation of financial
resources, expertise, and
study samples to the execution of relevant procedures. It illustrates
the ways studies can profit from collaboration among academics, and
between academics and clinicians. Students will practice the development
of research proposals that include all elements required by funding
agencies, including (medical) ethical advisory committee (METC)

Course Content

Students will attend presentations on aspects of research practice from
different fields to get ideas about their own research ambition. They
will learn how researchers formulate their ideas into feasible grant
proposals, and how they collaborate with other researchers and
clinicians. They will practice the
development of a research proposal that includes all elements required
by funding agencies, including METC (medical ethical) requirements.

Teaching Methods

Lectures, seminars and individual feedback session with Prof. Huizink

Method of Assessment

Writing a research proposal including a background section, a design and
other requirements as discussed and outlined during the course. Oral
presentation of the proposal. Grades are based on the quality of the
research proposal (90%) and the oral presentation (10%).

Entry Requirements

This is one of the basic methodological courses of the RMCDP in which
students acquire and practice with skills to design and write a research
grant proposal. There are no additional entrance requirements for
admitted RMCDP students after completing the Epidemiological Research
course in Year 1.


• Recent research papers, proposals and protocols, including Chapters
from Sternberg R.J. (2006). Reviewing Scientific Works in Psychology.
• EMGO+ Quality Handbook ( )

Additional Information

This course is taught by Prof. Dr. Anja Huizink and some other guest

General Information

Course Code P_MPRACT2
Credits 6 EC
Period P2
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Fac. of Behavioural and Movement Science
Course Coordinator prof. dr. A.C. Huizink
Examiner prof. dr. A.C. Huizink
Teaching Staff prof. dr. A.C. Huizink

Practical Information

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