Course Objective

 To be able to describe the key characteristics, strengths and
weaknesses of traditional epidemiological study designs and select an
appropriate study design for a given research question and context;
 To be able to understand, calculate, and apply measures of occurrence
and association;
 To be able to understand and assess possible bias and effect
 To be able to understand and apply principles of accuracy in
 To gain an understanding of the principles of screening and calculate
related measures;
 To be able to perform bio statistical analyses with Epi Info (or
another software package) and interpret, describe, and present the

Course Content

The course consists of a theoretical, contextual, and practical
component. The theoretical component is divided into two parts: the
first part will focus on methodology (e.g. study-designs and bias),
whereas the second part will emphasize applying statistical methods
commonly used in epidemiology. You will primarily learn how to apply and
interpret these methods in an epidemiological setting. We will focus
less on the mathematical background (hence, we refer to this as ‘applied
biostatistics’). The contextual component will focus on past and current
epidemiological developments, for instance the start of the HIV/AIDS
pandemic. Lastly, the practical component will focus on applying all
your new skills.

Teaching Methods

• Lectures (14 hours)
• Work groups (12 hours)
• Computer practicum (8 hours)
• Assignment (8 hours)
• Self-study (remaining time)

Method of Assessment

• Exam (100%)
• Assignment (insufficient/ sufficient)
Both elements need to be sufficient.


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Target Audience

This course is solely intended for students without a background in
epidemiology (i.e. students who attended and completed another bachelor
or master course in methodology and applied biostatistics, epidemiology
and biostatistics, or similar, cannot enroll in this course).

Additional Information

For more information contact Dr. Ruth Peters (r.m.h.peters@vu.nl)

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General Information

Course Code AM_1179
Credits 3 EC
Period P3
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. R.M.H. Peters
Examiner dr. R.M.H. Peters
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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Teaching Methods Computer lab, Study Group, Lecture
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