Neurosciences (research)


Welcome to the curriculum course guide of the Master Neurosciences.

Learn about the brain's complexity

Brain disorders, in particular neurodegenerative diseases and mental illnesses, are among the most prevalent and debilitating diseases of our time. They are typically caused by the interplay of environmental factors and genetic variation in multiple genes, which is currently being mapped by major international initiatives. Future brain research should therefore focus on integrative projects as a next step in characterizing this complex environmental/genetic interplay and in revealing how it translates into brain function and/or disease. To succeed, we need a new generation of neuroscientists capable of integrating information from genes and proteins to synapses, and from networks up to complex brain function and dysfunction. Are you ready for the challenge?

The first year consists of compulsory courses, to give you a thorough grounding in relevant disciplines, followed by a five month work placement. You will have a wide range of placement opportunities to choose from at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and affiliated institutes.
The second year consists of advanced coursework to expand your knowledge of key research areas. You choose between Fundamental Neurosciences or Clinical & Translational Neurosciences. During the last six months of the programme, you will complete your second lab placement. 

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Level Master
Language English
Duration 2 years
Type Fulltime
Credits 120 EC
Faculty Faculty of Science
Neurosciences year 2
The first semester of the second year contains electives, to expand your
of certain areas. We have constructed two tracks, namely Clinical and
translational neurosciences, and Fundamental neurosciences, which give
you a
perfect start as a researcher in a particular field of neurosciences.
Course Name Period Credits Code
Internship Neurosciences II Ac. Year (sept) 25EC AM_471109
Literature Survey Neurosciences Ac. Year (sept) 8EC AM_471110
Advanced Clinical Neurosciences P1 6EC AM_1014
Advanced Neurogenomics P1 6EC AM_470717
Cellular Models for Brain Disorders P1 6EC AM_1218
Functional Brain Imaging P1 6EC AM_470715
Live Cell Imaging P1 6EC AM_470726
Neuron-Glia Interactions P1 6EC AM_1217
Developmental Neurobiology of the Vertebrate Brain P2 6EC AM_470713
Experimental and Clinical Neuroendocrinology P2 6EC AM_470700
Methods in Behavioral Neurosciences P2 6EC AM_470728
Neuro- and Psychopharmacology P2 6EC AM_470718
Neuronal Networks in Vivo P2 6EC AM_1001
Rhythms of the Brain P2 6EC AM_1003
Systems Neuroscience P2 6EC AM_470712
Neurophilosophy and Ethics P3 3EC AM_1018