Programming Large-Scale Parallel Systems


Course Objective

You will
- be introduced to the domain of High Performance Computing (HPC)
- learn about design methods for parallel algorithms
- compare different parallel computer architectures
- analyze performance of network topologies
- develop basic familiarity with a range of parallel programming
environments and languages
- gain insight into some selected parallel applications

Course Content

This lecture discusses how programs can be written that run in parallel
on a large number of processors, with the main goal of reducing
execution time. The class has a brief introduction into parallel
computing systems
(architectures). The focus of the class, however, is on programming
methods, languages, and applications. Both traditional techniques (like
MPI message passing) and more advanced techniques like parallel object-
oriented approaches from the Java ecosystem or dedicated HPC programming
languages will be discussed.
In particular, high-productivity concepts are discussed in more detail
with Cray's language Chapel as an example. Several parallel applications
discussed, including nearest-neighbor stencil computations, N-body
simulations and search algorithms.

Teaching Methods

Lectures (4 hours per week), given by Henri Bal and dr.
Pieter Hijma.
Interested students may also obtain an account on our DAS research
cluster and do simple experiments with MPI.
There is also a separate Parallel Programming
Practical (6 ECTS) in P2 and P3 whose aim is to complement the contents
of this course with practical skills and experience. That course makes
heavy use of DAS.

Method of Assessment

Written exam


Papers will be made available on Canvas

Target Audience

mAI, mBIO, mCS, mPDCS, m Computational Science

Additional Information

Lecturers: Henri Bal
dr. Pieter Hijma

General Information

Course Code XM_40017
Credits 6 EC
Period P1
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator prof. dr. ir. H.E. Bal
Examiner prof. dr. ir. H.E. Bal
Teaching Staff prof. dr. ir. H.E. Bal

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