Green Lab


Course Objective

Learn the basics of empirical experimentation in the field of Software
Be able to operate in a lab environment and build a successful
experiment for software energy consumption.
Become familiar with the research problems in the field of green
software engineering.
Understand and measure the impact of software over energy consumption.

Course Content

Students will work in teams to perform experiments on software energy
consumption in a controlled environment. They will have to carry out all
the phases of empirical experimentation, from experiment design to
operation, data analysis and reporting. They will be provided with
examples of previous experiments, but they will have to choose by
themselves the experimental subjects and hypotheses to test. During the
lab sessions, students will be assisted for technical operation of the
lab equipment as regards measurement and data gathering. Students will
also receive the required training for data analysis and visualization
(i.e. graphs, dashboards) using specialized software.

Teaching Methods

Lectures (H). Lab sessions (pra).

Method of Assessment

Students will be assessed via a team project. The team project will be
carried out throughout the whole course by groups of 3-5 students; each
part of project will be started and completed during the course and
finished as homework, so that students will likely be on track within
the course schedule. The result of the team project is about planning,
designing, conducting, and reporting a successful experiment for
software energy efficiency in the context of mobile applications. In
this way, students will put into practice the skills and techniques that
they have learned during the lectures and develop their practical
insights by applying them on real software. The experiment will be
evaluated by the instructor starting from a written report describing
each main aspect of the experiment and according to a shared assessment
rubric (presented in the first lecture of the course).


Wohlin, C., Runeson, P., Höst, M., Ohlsson, M. C., Regnell, B., &
Wesslén, A. (2012). Experimentation in software engineering. Springer.
Material distributed on Canvas.

Target Audience


Recommended background knowledge

Basic statistical analysis techniques (descriptive statistics and most
common tests).

General Information

Course Code X_418158
Credits 6 EC
Period P1
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. I. Malavolta
Examiner dr. I. Malavolta
Teaching Staff dr. I. Malavolta

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Teaching Methods Lecture, Practical
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