Philosophy (2 year)


This two year program integrates knowledge of a specific scientific discipline with philosophical reflection. The program consists of introductory courses in philosophy, courses in philosophy of a particular scientific discipline and courses in your own scientific discipline. Already acquired knowledge of for instance health sciences, sociology or law is deepened through study of philosophical theories and concepts. The Master program enables students to obtain a degree in philosophy and a degree in a specific scientific discipline.

The specialization in Philosophy, Bioethics and Health will provide you with the theoretical and practical tools to deal with ethical issues in health care. You will learn how to reflect on practical problems from a medical, moral, legal, political and economic perspective.

The specialization in Philosophy of Neuroscience focuses on the conceptual foundations and the broader implications of neuroscientific research from different philosophical perspectives. This track is meant for students interested in the conceptual basis and the social, legal and ethical implications of neuroscientific research.

The specialization Philosophy of Law and Governance is designed especially for bachelors in Law with an interest in the foundations of contemporary Western systems of positive law. The program trains students to philosophically reflect upon basic legal concepts and principles.

The specialization Filosofie van Cultuur en Bestuur raises important questions about for instance identity and society from a cultural (continental) philosophical point of view. In this track philosophical perspectives are combined with the insights of the social sciences, the humanities and with practical wisdom.


Level Master
Language Dutch / English
Duration 2 years
Type Fulltime and parttime
Credits 120 EC
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
MA Philosophy 2 year: Track Philosophy of Culture, Governance and Management
This programme is offered only in Dutch.
For course information (in Dutch) go to the Dutch version of the Study
MA Philosophy 2 year: Track Philosophy, Bioethics and Health
MA Philosophy 2 year: Track Philosophy of Law and Governance
MA Philosophy 2 year: Track Philosophy of NeuroScience