Minor Five Big Issues in Health


In this minor five major topics in health are discussed: occupational health, sexual health, physical activity, nutrition, and drugs and addiction. Each health topic will be discussed from various viewpoints: physiological, psychological, societal, social-cultural, and ethical viewpoint. The minor is advanced and interdisciplinary and consists of five courses, each discussing a current health topic. 


Language English
Credits 30 EC
Start date 01-09-2019
Faculty Faculty of Science
Minor Five Big Issues in Health
Global life expectancy has never been as high as it is today. However,
our modern society faces modern problems, such as drug abuse, high
levels of occupational stress or population-wide inactivity. All those
issues have severe consequences for health. Finding solutions to those
problems requires a multidisciplinary approach.

The minor “Five Big Issues in Health” focuses on large scale modern
health issues. The minor consists of five courses, each revolving around
a major health issue, which will be tackled from a scientific
perspective and be discussed form physiological, psychological,
societal, socio-cultural and ethical viewpoints. Special attention will
be given to the practical implications of this knowledge. Through
lectures, excursions, practicals and assignments, you will seek answers
to questions such as:
- What do we need to support workers to reach the increased retirement
age in good health? (Health@Work)
- How can we prevent unplanned pregnancies among young girls, and sexual
transmitted diseases among the elderly? (Sexual Health)
- Can we save the world by eating insects? (Food for Thought)
- Is exercise the medicine to lifestyle diseases? (Moving Matters in
- Why is it so difficult to treat addiction? (Drugs and Addiction)
Course registration
Admission criteria:
Students in Health, Life, Human Movement, and Biomedical Sciences,
Medicine and Psychology from the Vrije Universiteit and other
universities can apply.
Course Name Period Credits Code
Health @ Work P1 6EC AB_1033
Sexual Health: Threats and Opportunities P1 6EC AB_1034
Food for Thought P2 6EC AB_1036
Moving Matters in Health P2 6EC AB_1035
Drugs and Addiction P3 6EC AB_1032