Regional Structural Geology


Course Objective

This course invites students to explore beyond classic plate tectonics,
to assess different regional structural geologic settings, and to learn
practical skills in structural geology

Course Content

Regional structural geology will focus on integrating different scales
in various structural geological settings. We will explore the coupling
between lithospheric processes, mantle dynamics, topographic expression
and its structural expression at the various scales, focussing on the
analysis of extensional, compressional, as well as strike slip settings
in a number regional examples from around the world. The main course
content are summarised as follows: extension modes, extensional
settings, rifting modes, core complexes, passive margins, ocean ridge
dynamics, metamorphosis, ophiolites, compressional settings, subduction
settings, backarc settings, rollback, accretionary wedges, orogens,
foreland fold and thrust-belts.

Teaching Methods

This intensive course is designed as a combination of different learning
activities to help students learn the key concepts and skills required
for structural geology and tectonics, through an introduction to the key
questions, lectures, class exercises and reading assignments of selected
primary literature on specific regional examples.

Method of Assessment

Final written exam (E): 70%
Student presentations (Pres), practicals (Prac) and/or assignments (A):
Class participation: 10%

It is not possible to compensate one component with another.

Entry Requirements

Tektoniek, Structurele Geologie A and B


Required books:
- Structural Geology, by Haakon Fossen (2016), 2nd Edition. Cambridge
University Press.
- Earth Structure, An Introduction to Structural Geology and Tectonics,
Ben van der Pluijm and Stephen Marshak. WW Norton & Company, Second
Edition, 2004, ISBN 0-393-92467-

Links to primary and additional literature will be placed on Canvas.

Additional Information

Regional structural geology focusses on integrating different scales in
various structural geological settings, exploring the interplay between
lithospheric processes, mantle dynamics, topographic expression and
their structural representation from the scale of orogens, basins,
outcrops to micro-scale.

Recommended background knowledge

Veldpracticum Geologie en Geochemie (Betics)

General Information

Course Code AB_1212
Credits 6 EC
Period P3
Course Level 200
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. R.J.G. Kaandorp
Examiner dr. R.J.G. Kaandorp
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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