Microeconomics for Scientists


Course Objective

1. Learn how to solve economic problems using calculus. Develop micro-
economic thinking and learn how to apply this to problems in innovation
and business modelling
2. Learn the principles of consumer and producer theory, decision making
under uncertainty, competitive markets and monopoly.
3. Learn how to apply the course contents in an actual project setting

Course Content

Lectures will cover applications that are relevant for science students
that seek to apply business and innovation perspectives. Topics in
microeconomics for scientists (M4S) include:
1. Supply and demand
2. Government interventions
3. Producer theory
4. Consumer theory
5. Monopoly
6. Price discrimination and asymmetric information
Each section has exercises to allow self-testing.
Background literature supplied within the online course.

Teaching Methods

Online self-study course (MOOC)

Method of Assessment

A final written exam
For Minor TE students: An application paper (5 pages) in which you
design an economic rationale to support the business modelling component
in your BM Canvas (TEIP). Minimum grade to pass course on each item >5.5


Will be provided within the online course

Target Audience

Students of the minor SBI voor science studenten, minor Technology
Entrepreneurship and premaster SBI.

General Information

Course Code E_EBE3_MES
Credits 6 EC
Period P1+2
Course Level 300
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator drs. P. van Hoorn
Examiner prof. dr. M. Lindeboom
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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