Minor Topics in Biomedical Sciences


In this minor four topics in biomedical sciences are being discussed. In addition there is an open slot in January to give you the opportunity to choose another course of your own interest. Some courses will go into greater depth in certain topics (Biochemistry of Health and Disease, Molecular Principles of Brain Disorders) and Experimental Immunology will show you, hands on, how immunological research is performed and interpreted. The course Antimicrobial Compounds: From Clinical Use to Target Analysis and Drug Development will show you how interdisciplinary research may disclose new drug targets and lead to drugs for clinical use. The minor is advanced and interdisciplinary and is a good preparation for various master programs.


Language English
Credits 30 EC
Start date 01-09-2019
Faculty Faculty of Science
Minor Topics in Biomedical Sciences
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This minor is open to bachelor students in the following programme's:
Biomedical Sciences, Biology and Health & Life Sciences ("Gezondheid &
Leven) with a minor in Biomedical or Clinical Sciences. The maximum
number of participants is set at 80 with priority for students from the
Faculty of Science of VU University. When the maximum number has not
been reached, students of other bachelor programmes, inside or outside
VU University, may participate, provided that they
successfully completed any basic courses in microbiology, immunology and
Course Name Period Credits Code
Antimicrobial Compounds: From Clinical Use to Target Analysis and Drug Development P1 6EC AB_1122
Experimental Immunology P1 6EC AB_1055
Biochemistry in Health and Disease P2 6EC AB_1054
Molecular Principles of Brain Disorders P2 6EC AB_1049