Academic Knowledge and Skills


Course Objective

• Research orientation: you are able to explain the difference between
three research orientations: pragmatic, positivistic and interpretative;
• Academic reading: you are able to search, select, read, summarize and
assess academic literature starting from a conceptual question;
• Academic topic choice: you are able to choose a topic for a literature
review and describe its relevance for theory and practice;
• Academic writing: you are able to write in a clear way, with
references complete, in a correct language and a good layout;
• Academic reviewing: you are able to write and present a literature
review; and to review other’s (proposal for) literature review;
• Academic reasoning: you are able to formulate a research question and
build an argumentation for a claim or conclusion.

Course Content

This course Academic Knowledge and Skills helps the premaster students
in making the transition from a practice orientation to a theory
orientation. As a bachelor student at a hogeschool or University of
Applied Sciences you will have had training in research skills and have
done a practice-based research project. In the SBE academic master
programs you are required to do theory-based research. You will learn to
understand the difference between practice-based research and
theory-based research. We will explain and help you practice the skills
you need in the academic world.

Teaching Methods

The course consists of two elements: lectures and workgroup seminars.
During the course six lectures will be given. You are expected to attend
all lectures as the workgroup seminars follow the topics of the
The workgroups are specific to your specialization. Thus marketing
students attend the marketing work group, strategy students the strategy
work group and so on. Details about the work group assignments can be
found in the manual of your workgroup on Canvas. Step by step these
assignments will help you to write an academic paper.

Method of Assessment

The assessment for this course consists of an exam and work group
assignments. Both contribute 50% to your grade. The exam consists of
10 open questions about the obligatory book, the
academic articles and the course slides provided during the course. Your
workgroup facilitator will grade your work group assignment(s). More
information about the grading can be found in the manual of your
Please note that both components need to be completed with a grade of
5.5 or higher. In case of a failing grade for the exam or the work group
assignment(s), it will not be possible to get credits from this course.
In case an insufficient grade on the exam, a re-sit will be granted at
the end of period 5. The maximum grade for students that need to rewrite
their work group assignment after the first assessment is 5.5.
Otherwise, it is just not fair to those that did not get extra time to
improve their work.

Entry Requirements

The course is part of the pre-Master program of the Faculty of
Economics and Business Administration. Participation is reserved
for students of this pre-master program and other students who have been
granted permission by the program director of the pre-master program.


• Turner, K., Krenus, B., Ireland, L. and Pointon, L. (2011). Essential
Academic Skills. 2nd Ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
• Scientific articles and course slides.

Additional Information

Voor dit vak hoef je je niet zelf in te tekenen. Je wordt door
de faculteit ingetekend op het vak en de onderliggende activiteiten.

General Information

Course Code E_PM_AKS
Credits 6 EC
Period P4
Course Level 300
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. S. El Baroudi
Examiner dr. S. El Baroudi
Teaching Staff drs. I.J.C. Leijen
dr. ir. A.A. ter Wiel
dr. S. El Baroudi

Practical Information

You cannot register for this course yourself; your faculty's education office carries out registration

Last-minute registration is available for this course.

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