Perspectives on People, Management and Organizations


Course Objective

After this course, students will:
a) recognize the importance and interdependence between leadership,
strategy, and human resource management, how these impact employee
performance and organizational goals.
b) develop an appreciation for ethics and corporate social
responsibility in the modern workplace.
c) understand the relationship between consultants, their clients, and
strategic change.
d) understand corporate and social entrepreneurship and how it is
deployed in organizations.
e) identify the role of international management in the modern
f) be able to read scientific articles in the field of organizational

Course Content

The premaster course ‘Perspectives on People, Management and
Organization' (PPMO), provides an introduction to relevant topics in
the study program of Business Administration. These topics include
strategy, management consulting, entrepreneurship, leadership,
international management and human resource management. In contemporary
organizations attention must be given to these topics in order for an
organization to maintain and gain a competitive advantage.

The study of Business Administration is interdisciplinary and is
informed by the behavioral and social sciences. Thus, organization and
management theories are central to the curriculum for the premaster
program. To ensure integration of theories presented in the lectures,
the case study method will be applied.

Teaching Methods

The course consists of several lectures. These lectures are facilitated
by different lecturers from the department ‘Management & Organization'
and from Entrepreneurship, giving the course an exciting and varied
setup. The content of each lecture connects to the literature that is
used in the course.
Using the Harvard Case Study method and APA manual as a guide, students
will prepare a case study report in teams.

Method of Assessment

The assessment for the premaster course ‘Perspectives on People,
Management and Organization' consists of an individual examination and
the case study report. The examination includes both open questions and
multiple choice questions.


You will receive further information in the course manual, which will be
published in Canvas.

General Information

Course Code E_PM_PPMO
Credits 6 EC
Period P4
Course Level 300
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. D.A. Driver-Zwartkruis
Examiner dr. D.A. Driver-Zwartkruis
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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