Course Objective

The course builds on the mathematics that has been offered at high
school ("Wiskunde A"). After completing this course, the student is
expected to
a) understand the basic idea of data and descriptive statistics (mean,
median, variance, quartiles, etc.);
b) understand the basic ideas of probability (selected discrete and
continuous probability distributions and their properties);
c) understand the principles of sampling, a sampling distribution, and a
confidence interval;
d) understand the principles of hypothesis testing;
e) be able to select and apply an appropriate statistical test in
frequently occurring situations (t-test, F-test, paired, unpaired,
parametric, non-parametric);
f) understand and apply ANOVA (1-way, 2-way);
g) understand and apply regression analysis (simple, multiple, with
dummy variables and non-linearities), and to test the assumptions and

After successfully completing this course the student is able
a) to read and write texts in which statistics occurs;
b) to use standard software for solving statistical problems.

Course Content

In the course ‘Statistics’, the basic skills in statistical thinking and
working will be treated. Such skills are essentials to solving problems
related to, for instance, marketing (discovering patterns in consumer
profiles), and finance (analyzing trends in time series).

Teaching Methods

The course consists of 18 sessions over a period of six weeks. Each
session takes 2 hours, and will be a mix of lectures with the purpose of
exposing the subject matter, and instruction sessions with the purpose
of practicing by doing exercises.

Method of Assessment

The assessment consists of an exam. The exam is made up of multiple
choice questions and open questions.
Additionally one assignment is to be made using computer software and
handed in individually. Each week one exercise is made in class and
handed in.


Doane, David P. en Lori E. Seward (2015), Applied Statistics in Business
& Economics, fifth edition, McGraw-Hill

Supplementary documents via Canvas.

Additional Information

For this course we use computer software that is available on the VU

General Information

Course Code E_PM_STATF
Credits 6 EC
Period P4
Course Level 300
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. J.M. Sneek
Examiner dr. J.M. Sneek
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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