Translational Immunology


Course Objective

• To expand knowledge on the whole range of immunological diseases, i.e.
immunodeficiency, hypersensitivities, allergies, autoimmunity,
(prevention of) infectious disease, graft rejection, graft versus host
reactions and tumor immunology, with a focus on immunopathology.
• To train how to study immunological literature on selected immune
• To incorporate state-of-the-art research methods in the study of
diseases with an immunological base.
• To introduce critical research questions on immunological aspects of
various diseases.

Final attainment levels
The student should be able to:
• explain in depth how and to which extent immune defence mechanisms
normally operate, and how they are disturbed in the diseases listed
• point out diagnostic methodologies providing the most relevant
information for diagnosis and selection and monitoring of therapeutic

Course Content

The content of Parham’s ‘The Immune System’ (4th ed.) is assumed
to be known. The chapters 1-14, 17 of Parham (4th ed.) covering diseases
listed above will be used as basis for lectures but complemented with
state of the art techniques, research models and insights into the
clinical aspects. In addition, small-scale working group sessions are
scheduled to provide highly interactive discussions regarding selected
recent literature in order to highlight cutting edge research questions
(2 x 3 hours).
The course content (literature, lectures on chapters and lectures on
research models) will be placed on Canvas.

Teaching Methods

Lectures (18-20 hrs)
Working groups on literature study (6 hrs)
Debate (2 hrs)
Independent study (approx. 120 hrs)

Method of Assessment

The course will be closed off with a written exam based on a combination
of multiple choice (about research models) and open questions (about
issues of the book and lectures). This will determine 90% of the final
grade; the additional 10% will be determined by the participation in
the working groups on literature study. A minimum of 5.50 for both the
exam and the working groups is required in order to pass.

Entry Requirements

Solid knowledge on basic immunology, bachelor degree.


The Immune System, Parham, 4th edition (ISBN 9780815345275).
Complementary literature on selected topics will be provided on

Target Audience

MSc students with a keen interest to study the immunopathology and
(potential) therapeutical approaches of a broad range of immunological
diseases. Compulsory course for MSc Biomedical Sciences students with
specialization Immunology.

Additional Information

Coordinator: dr. Juan Garcia Vallejo
Partner in coordination: dr. Hetty Bontkes
Organization and administration: drs. Karin Brouwer

dr. H.J. Bontkes (Klinische Chemie); dr. J. J. Garcia Vallejo (MCBI);
dr. K. Gelderman
(Sanquin); prof. dr. T. de Gruijl (Med Onco); dr. J. den Haan (MCBI);
dr. M. Pegtel (PA); prof. dr. T. Rustemeyer (Derma) and others.

Recommended background knowledge

The Immune System, Parham 4th ed., chapter 1-14, 17.

General Information

Course Code AM_1031
Credits 6 EC
Period P1
Course Level 600
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator drs. K. Brouwer
Examiner dr. H.J. Bontkes
Teaching Staff J.J. Garcia Vallejo BSc
drs. K. Brouwer

Practical Information

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Teaching Methods Lecture, Study Group
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