Diversity in Organizations


Course Objective

This course is one of the interdisciplinary electives of the Business
Administration Master program. Because diversity is a relevant topic for
any student involved in BA, this course is relevant for students of HRM,
IM, LCM, MC, and S&O.

Advanced Academic Skills
- You will analyze diversity in an organization based on the core
theoretical frameworks on diversity

Knowledge of Theory and Methods + Complex Problem Solving
- You will explore the role of differences between individuals in
- You will gain a complex understanding of the theory and practice of
in the workplace

Broadening your Horizon
- You will enhance your understanding of managing differences and
- You will reflect on the consequences of a diverse workforce

Reflective Professional
- You will reflect on your own perspective on diversity and how it
relates to your (professional) development

Course Content

In organizations, a wide diversity of people have to work together. They
differ in terms of gender, race, professional specialization, sexuality,
age, nationality, education, membership of social networks, etc. These
differences are bound to affect the processes of organizing. Although
this diversity can make it difficult to understand each other and work
together smoothly, it also opens up possibilities for learning and
exploring new solutions. In this course we will focus on theories and
practices of dealing with diversity and inclusion in organizations.
Diversity issues are related to human behavior in organizations but also
to (international) strategic issues, consulting practices, and
leadership in organizations. Therefore, this course is tailored to
students of all five BA programs of HRM, IM, LCM, MC, and S&O.

Teaching Methods


Method of Assessment

Individual assignment
Group assignment


The literature for this course will be announced through Canvas.

General Information

Course Code E_BA_DIO
Credits 6 EC
Period P5
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. E. Doci
Examiner dr. E. Doci
Teaching Staff dr. P.J. Peverelli
dr. C.J. Vinkenburg

Practical Information

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Teaching Methods Seminar, Lecture
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