MC: A Human Perspective


Course Objective

By following this course, studying the obligatory literature and working
on the assignments, the students are introduced to the field of
consulting. This course takes an organizational behavior perspective to
advance students’ knowledge on the way consultants are organized and
work with their clients. The course also has a strong writing component
and aims to familiarize students with the different writing styles that
consultants need to master.

Academic and Research Skills:
In this course, you will advance your scholarly knowledge about
consulting and learn about the key contemporary debates in this field of
research. Through a variety of open assignments (including interviewing
professionals), you will be encouraged to use the literature to develop
independent and critical thinking. This course will also help you start
elaborating your reflection on your Master thesis.
Knowledge of Theory + Methods and Solving Complex Problems: You will
gain in-depth knowledge about what consultants do and how they are
organized. This course also prepares you for your future career as a
consultant by familiarizing you with complex and open assignments that,
in many ways, resemble client problems. This will help you to learn
howto understand, frame and act on an unstructured question.
Professional Social Skills: Through the different assignments, you will
learn to communicate your
ideas both orally and on paper. You will develop your ability to adapt
your writing to your audience (academics, clients, professional journal
readers, etc.), which is a core skill of consultants. In the seminars,
you will also be asked to provide feedback to your peers and help them
improve their own work.
Horizon Beyond Professional Area: In this course, you are encouraged to
develop your own thoughts on consulting practice and to use the
literature to critically reflect on it and its impact on client
Self-Reflective Professional: Through the lectures and assignments, you
will be asked to reflect on your own work. You will also be held
accountable for your own progress and learning path.

Course Content

This course will introduce you to the field of consulting and consulting
practice, with a specific focus on what consultants do and how they are
organized. We will cover topics such as:
- The organization of consulting and other professional firms
- The roles of consultants
- The client-consultant relationship
- Rhetorics
- Careers, stress and work-life balance
- The consultancy process (including acquisition)
In the seminars, you will experiment different writing and communication
styles central to the practice of consulting (writing and structuring
reports, writing a journal article, presentations for clients, etc.)

Teaching Methods

Lectures, seminars

Method of Assessment

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To be announced at the start of the course

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General Information

Course Code E_BA_MCHP
Credits 6 EC
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. L.C. Noury
Examiner dr. L.C. Noury
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