Marketing I


Course Objective

Bridging Theory and Practice - Knowledge
You will be able to:
- Explain the role of marketing within the organization
- Identify the crucial elements of marketing strategy
- Use these elements to develop competitive advantage
- Analyse marketing situations and identify opportunities and
threats to a company

Bridging Theory and Practice - Application
You will be able to
- Apply the central concepts of marketing to a real-world case
- Develop a marketing strategy based to gain competitive advantage
in the market place

Social Professional Skills
You will be able to
- Communicate and present results from marketing analyses and
formulate recommendations

Course Content

Digital technologies are shaking up the marketplace, making it more and
more connected, engaging and social. Therefore it is now more vital than
ever for marketers to develop meaningful connections with their
customers. This course is an introduction to the world of marketing,
that develops around creating customer value and building long term
customer relationships. The course touches upon the central aspects of
marketing: understanding the company’s position in the marketplace,
understanding the needs and wants of possible customers, deciding which
customers to serve and how to establish and maintain a long term
relationship. Next to these strategic elements, the course focuses on
the key elements of the marketing mix (i.e., tactical marketing tools):
which products need to be offered (Product)?; what is the best pricing
strategy (Price)?; what is the right communication to reach the
customers (Promotion), and through which channel (Place)?

Teaching Methods


Method of Assessment

Interim test – Individual assessment
Final exam – Individual assessment
Tutorials – Group assessment


Kotler P., & Armstrong G. (2018) Principles of Marketing. 17th Global
Ed., Pearson Education. ISBN 978-1-292-22017-8.

General Information

Course Code E_EBE1_MRKT1
Credits 6 EC
Period P2
Course Level 100
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. F. Sotgiu
Examiner dr. F. Sotgiu
Teaching Staff

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Teaching Methods Lecture, Study Group
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