The Text of the NT and its Transmission


Course Objective

The student has knowledge about the history of transmission of the Greek
text of the NT, of the most important manuscripts within that history,
and of the rules that are applied within the art of textual criticism.
The student is able to independently make an analysis of textcritical
problems and is able to position the most prominent witnesses that are
important within that analysis in the context of the methods of textual
criticism. Finally, the student has knowledge of the relevant
information concerning the main editions of the NT.

Course Content

The most important elements from the textual criticism of the NT and
their application in the modern critical text.

Teaching Methods

Seminar: collective and individual self study.

Method of Assessment

The student writes a paper on the basis of obligatory literature, the
material that is treated during the class sessions, and a specific case
study in the field of NT textual criticism.

Entry Requirements

The students has, through a BA degree in theology or an equivalent
degree, acquired knowledge of NT Greek, the introductory questions in
the field of the NT, has learned to independently interpret NT passages
on the basis of the Greek tet, and is able to relate the knowledge
acquired by these competences to questions concerning the transmission
and reconstruction of the Greek text of the NT.


• Bruce M. Metzger, Bart D. Ehrman. The Text of the New Testament: Its
Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration. Oxford, New York: Oxford
University Press, 4th ed., 2005.
• David C. Parker. An Introduction to the New Testament Manuscripts and
their Texts. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008.

Target Audience

Students in Biblical Studies in general and students who want to
specialize in the history of the text of the NT or in Digital

Recommended background knowledge

Knowledge of the basic principles of NT textual criticism.

General Information

Course Code G_RMEC01
Credits 6 EC
Period P2
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Religion and Theology
Course Coordinator prof. dr. L.J. Lietaert Peerbolte
Examiner prof. dr. L.J. Lietaert Peerbolte
Teaching Staff prof. dr. L.J. Lietaert Peerbolte

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