Abraham Kuyper's Travels: Encounters with Muslim and Jew


Course Objective

The student:
* has knowledge about Kuyper's Western view on the non-Western world
* has understanding how the relationship between Christianity and Islam
and Judaism was in those days
* is able to transcribe sources
* and to study and interpret them in their context

Course Content

In 1905, Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) traveled through parts of the
Ottoman Empire, present-day Turkey and Israel. Along the way he wrote
personal letters to his children. We will transcribe and annotate these
unknown letters. We investigate how Kuyper considered the non-Western
world in that, in which he was for the first time in his life, how he
traveled and how his relationship with his children was. We are
concerned with his personal view of his environment, himself and his
relationships and what this teaches us about one of the most important
Dutch public figures of his time. We learn to notice carefully what he
says and with this newly gained information contributes to the
scientific knowledge about Kuyper and his time.

Teaching Methods

2 x 2 hours of lectures (introduction into the historical context and
the sources)
Afterwards students receive (parts of the) letters, which they have to
transcribe at home and present during the next working sessions.
Historical details will be provided by the lecturer.
The working sessions are obligatory, because it is here that students
learn how to transcribe sources.

Method of Assessment

Transcript with annotation plus a paper of 2500 words about a related

Entry Requirements

Command of Dutch is mandatory.


A. Kuyper, Om de oude wereldzee I, Amsterdam: Van Holkema & Warendorf,
1907, pag. 325-543
George Harinck, Aan het roer staat het hart. Reis om de oude wereldzee
in het voetspoor van Abraham Kuyper, Amsterdam: Prometheus, 2015 ISBN
9789035143425, pag. 1-131

Frits G.M. Broeyer en Gert J. van Klinken, Reizen naar het Heilige Land.
Protestantse reisimpressies 1840-1960, Zoetermeer: Meinema, 2008, ISBN
Erik J. Z├╝rcher, Turkije. Een moderne geschiedenis, Amsterdam: AUP,
2015, ISBN 9789089647429

Target Audience

This course is part of the Research Master, specialization Church
History. It is an elective for all other Master students.

Recommended background knowledge

Some knowledge of Europe and the Middle East in the period 1870-1914.

General Information

Course Code G_RMRM02
Credits 6 EC
Period P2
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Religion and Theology
Course Coordinator prof. dr. G. Harinck
Examiner prof. dr. G. Harinck
Teaching Staff

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