Acts of the French Protestant Churches in the Low Countries


Course Objective

The student:
• evidently has gained understanding of the historical phenomenon of
acts; of how this type of document should be edited, including an
accompanying commentary;
• is able to apply the acquired knowledge from the secondary literature
in the preparation of the actual edition of one of the acts of a synod
of the French protestant churches in the Low Countries;
• is able to critically evaluate editions of acts.

Course Content

This course will, on the basis of secondary literature and concrete
examples of published acts, give insight in the function of (historical)
primary sources, especially acts, in the study of the past. The students
will be taught the necessary skills to edit acts, using (parts of)
multiple unedited manuscripts of the acts.

Teaching Methods

The course offers lectures, but mostly seminars. Both the edition as the
accompanying apparatus of (parts of) the acts will be prepared by the
students and discussed during the seminars.

Method of Assessment

Preparation of a scholarly edition of at least one of the acts of the
French protestant Churches in the Low Countries, including the text
edition and the accompanying commentary and/or apparatus.


M. Mathijsen, Naar de letter. Handboek editiewetenschap, Den Haag:
Constantijn Huygens Instituut 1997
P. Benedict & N. Fornerod, L'organisation et l'action des églises
réformées de France (1557-1563), Genève 2012
G.H.M. Posthumus Meyjes & H. Bots, Livre des Actes des Eglises Wallonnes
aux Pays-Bas, Den Haag 2005
Livre synodal contenant les articles résolus dans les synodes des
églises wallonnes des Pays-Bas... Tome I, 1896

General Information

Course Code G_RMRM03
Credits 6 EC
Period P1
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Religion and Theology
Course Coordinator prof. dr. A.A. den Hollander
Examiner prof. dr. A.A. den Hollander
Teaching Staff prof. dr. A.A. den Hollander

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