Discourse Analysis


Course Objective

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding of scientific approaches to analyze language
in use;
Knowledge and understanding of the key concepts in discourse analysis;
Knowledge and understanding of how actions, identities and ideologies
are constructed through language and how this is a contingent process;
Being able to analyze different types of discourse using a variety of
discourse analytic approaches.

Course Content


In this course we examine how language (spoken, written, or computer
mediated) and other multimodal resources (such as gestures, gaze, body
movements) are:

1) structured (rather than random),
2) used to accomplish actions in the world (e.g. order a coffee,
convince an employer to invite us for a job interview, inform passengers
of a delay),
3) negotiate identities (getting recognized as a 'professional',
'father' or 'reasonable person') and
4) construct ideologies (systems of ideas or beliefs such as in
neoliberalism, free trade, gender role ideology).

Various classic approaches as well as recent applications will be
covered during this 6-week class. Besides a theoretical basis in
discourse approaches, you will get hands-on experience in applying
discourse analytic methods on real data. You will get access to specific
software to transcribe and analyze discourse and learn how to gather
data and about the ethical implications of doing so.

Teaching Methods

Lectures and discussion group (in total 6 hours a week)

Method of Assessment

50% Final exam
50% Project (transcription and analysis of data you recorded)
Both need to have a minimum grade of 5.5
In addition there will be short assignments graded as pass/no pass


Waring, Hansun Zhang (2018). Discourse analysis: the questions discourse
analysts ask and how they answer them. Routledge, New York.
Articles/chapters TBA

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General Information

Course Code L_AABACIW107
Credits 6 EC
Period P4
Course Level 100
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Course Coordinator dr. F. van der Houwen
Examiner dr. F. van der Houwen
Teaching Staff dr. F. van der Houwen

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Teaching Methods Lecture, Seminar*

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