French 1


Course Objective

The student is able to successfully handle uncomplicated oral and
written tasks in a wide number of basic social situations.
The student is able to understand uncomplicated speech and texts about
various topics.
The student can describe in simple terms aspects of his/her background,
immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need.
The student can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a
simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine
The student has basic knowledge to understand culture in France and in
other French speaking countries or settings, and is able to handle some
intercultural communication skills.
Aimed CERF-level at the end of the course is A2.

Course Content

Students learn to handle a variety of basic communicative tasks,
including understanding spoken French, speaking French, reading texts
and writing short texts. Students will train sentences and frequently
used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very
basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography,
employment). Students learn essential verbs, nouns and cases while
working to build vocabulary and learn the basics of French grammar and
syntax. Students practice listening, speaking, reading and writing
skills. Students will also be introduced to French culture through short
texts from the internet, magazines and newspapers.

Teaching Methods

Seminar (3x 2 hours per week): discussion of assigned readings and
language exercises;
practical training; oral presentations (individual and in small groups);
group discussion
Self study.
The course will be taught in French

Method of Assessment

Class participation (preparation/written assignments) 15%
“Mid term” task assessment (reading/writing/listening/grammar) 25%
Oral presentations 15%
Portfolio 20%
Final task assessment (reading/writing/listening/grammar) 25%


To be announced in CANVAS, 4 weeks before the start of the course.

Target Audience

This course is for minor students and 2d-year's students in History and
International Studies

Recommended background knowledge

Recommended entrance level: A1 (CERF).

General Information

Course Code L_AABAGES213
Credits 6 EC
Period P1
Course Level 100
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Course Coordinator drs. A. Scharff MA
Examiner drs. A. Scharff MA
Teaching Staff drs. A. Scharff MA

Practical Information

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Last-minute registration is available for this course.

Teaching Methods Seminar, Lecture
Target audiences

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